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making fabric in a different style

Wujiang Huaxun Textile Co.,LTD. focuses on the research and development of home textile fabric,it is also an import and export company .In modern times,people pay more attention to pro-environment and healthy,as textile men, all our creation and knowledge should be used to cope with this problem ;Taking advantage of this tide,winning out with courage and wit,bringing the old culture to the world,making fabric in a different style!Huxun Textile has its own strategic direction , registered trademark and copyright protection;welcome you to join us,let’s create a better tomorrow together!Huaxun slogan“We improve together!” Suzhou Fansi is a domestic trading company of Huaxun Textile;Fansi means in Chinese :sailing and navigating together to create better future .The logol shape of Fansi is like a boat……travel ling forward to see a more splendid world.


making fabric in a different style

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